Blues pianist and vocalist Tommy Keys may be a Long Island native, but his music feels more like gumbo with a shot of bourbon than fried clams and iced tea.” - Jon Kleinman

Elmore Magazine

The Man in the Moon is probably Key’s best work yet, and it’s a winning combination of styles all fueled by his formidable keyboards and vocals.” - James “Skyy Dobro” Walker

Blues Blast Magazine

Tommy Keys provides deep blues satisfaction...” - Tom Hyslop

— Blues Revue Magazine

Tommy Keys is a triple threat of songwriter, engaging vocalist and ace barrelhouse boogie and Blues pianist...” - Noggin

Blues Matters! Magazine

The acoustic piano player Tommy Keys adds delightful boogie woogie-blues stylings throughout. Some of the best moments are when his piano is out front for a solo. ” - ”Greg 'Bluesdog' Szalony

Blues Blast Magazine

It’s hard to listen to the work of the International Blues Challenge Solo Finalist and convince yourself he’s from Long Island and not New Orleans. Combine his thoughtful lyrics with his smooth but pleading voice, and you have with Side Street Boogie the real piano boogie deal.” - Rob Paullin

Blues Blast Magazine

Now, Tommy Keys – THAT’S blues” - Tom Bingham


Tommy Keys is a great act, whose energy was addicting, and who also kept the party rolling along...” - Debbie Tuma

Dans Papers

Tommy Keys, plays many different blues sub-genres such as New Orleans, shuffles and rumbas…. back and forth from somber chord changes to the powerful chorus...” - Adam Forman

Goodtimes Magazine

If large doses of robust barrelhouse blues get you moving, then clear the dance floor 'cause here you come. TOMMY'S puttin' out some of his best stuff.....vocally and instrumentally...” - Peter "Bluzman" Lauro